Ask Mastectomy Products & Fittings Expert – Gwen Paul & Brenda Buhler

At Lots of Looks, it would be our privilege to guide you through every stage of your fitting: Immediately after surgery or reconstruction: An Amoena post surgical garment is designed for comfort A temporary Amoena breast form will protect sensitive skin and even out your silhouette One to six weeks after surgery and during chemotherapy […]

Ask the Mastectomy Product Expert – Pam and Gary Frigon

“Guess what happened to me at my appointment today!” This is a true story from one of our favorite clients, who we’ll call Tamara Z. At a routine follow-up visit to her physician’s office as part of her breast cancer treatment plan, Tamara was especially excited. She had just received her new Lisa B Originals […]

Ask the Mastectomy Product Expert – Garry Frigon & Pam Frigon

Oh joy … This month’s to-do list might include the following unpleasant chores: 1)  install winter tires on vehicle 2)  store summer furniture 3)  get ready for tax season 4)  replace old breast prosthesis. But wait! Go ahead and move Item 4 to your fun list! Solutions for prosthesis needs for the past 50 plus […]