Ask the Ladies Fashion Expert – Gladys Gieser

Ask the Ladies Fashion Expert – Gladys Gieser Whew! BRRR! January was cold! Snow, wind, drifts and cold. However, smile! There were beautiful, sunny days, trees laden with snow, family get togethers, more daylight, sports and quiet times. Boutique GiGi has been thinking ahead: Valentine’s Day and spring weather, love and friendship is in the […]

Ask the Ladies Fashions and Accessories Expert – Gladys Gieser

January! BRR! It is usually a bright, sunny and cold month. It is time to have a restful, calm and thoughtful time after the excitement, family and meditation oriented Christmas and New Years day. Boutique GiGi has a wonderful, varied and colourful assortment of coats, jackets, vests and scarves on sale. There are also black […]

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