Ask the Mobile Mechanic Expert – Brian Sorensen


What about BDS Mechanical?

  • We are mobile to come and fix you on the spot if needed
  • Most competitive rates in town with accurate estimating
  • Friendly trustworthy service serving Lethbridge for over 9 years
  • Over 24 years of experience working on your automobile
  • 18 years of mobile repair experience on cars to HD equipment
  • Pick up and delivery services available
  • All forms of inspection services

When we think about vehicle maintenance everybody has a little bit of a different view on this topic. Is maintenance major repairs or the small repairs? Well it’s both really. Fixing small problems that could lead to major failures, that usually happens when you least need it like on summer vacation. Major maintenance repairs I would classify as timing belt replacement and things of that nature where several components need to be removed to access a part that has a specific life span determined by the manufacturer. The timing belt opens and closes the valves in your engine to let air in and out kind of like your heart. When the belt breaks due to lack of maintenance its like a heart attack for your engine.

Ok so back to the basics. Service that engine. Nice clean oil is like the blood of an engine. It traps the dirt in the oil and drops it off in the filter like a trash can. The trash can aka oil filter does get full and needs to be replaced so that your engine stays minty fresh inside and sludge deposits kept to a minimum and your engine lives a long happy life. There are many many other items on the hi tech cars we drive now that require attention from time to time as well. Now we have cabin air filters to keep the inside of your car dust free and when plugged reduce the flow of air into your vehicle. Tire pressures are important to optimize fuel economy, as well as tire wear and your safety on the roads.

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