Ask Japanese Food, Products & Giftware Expert – Ken Nakagama


Ask Japanese Food, Products & Giftware Expert – Ken Nakagama

Nakagama’s is a long established (68 years old) Lethbridge store focused on Japanese food products and giftware.

For all of your needs to make simple Japanese food to full meals, Nakagama’s is the only place to go for the best selection and advice for your cooking needs. Why we are Experts®, for one example; in order to make sushi many people are unaware of their choices in grades of rice, soy sauce, seaweeds, wasabi, ginger, vinegar, fish etc. We are unparalleled in giving the customer choices compared with other outlets.

We custom cut many types of fish and seafood for your table and offer different kinds of tuna, salmon, shrimp, squid etc. for cooking and ready to serve.

Japanese food is a broad cuisine and many people now know about tempura and miso just to mention a couple. We offer advice and recipes for many Japanese food selections. You can also find in our store, unique appetizers, salads, snacks, candy and sauces.

We carry the finest selection of Japanese style green tea anywhere. Green tea from Fukushima, Mie and Kagoshima province are our specialty. Green tea in Japan is like fine wine and the individual farms in Japan each boast their own unique attributes. We can explain about the differences and the proper way to brew hot and cold tea. Yes, cold green tea is a different way to serve it and it offers a unique benefit.

Don’t forget as well, our selection of Japanese giftware, novelties and kitchenware. Tea sets, sake sets, sushi plates, bowls and cups have been carried by us for decades. We have a wide range of ceramic dolls to wooden Kokeshi dolls. Novelty items like key chains, fans, wall hangings etc. have been staples for many years.