Ask the Residential Swimming Expert – Russel Koch

residential swimming pool expert

Ask the Residential Swimming Expert – Russel Koch

What kind of chemicals do you put in the pool ?

We suggest  the use of a concentrated shock treatment along with a winter algaecide and stain treat product.  Also make sure you adjust the pH and Alkalinity of the water.

Do you put any Anti-Freeze in the pipes ?

No…you should not have to. The only way that you can guarantee that your underground pipes don’t freeze is to blow all the water out of the pipes with a high powered air compressor or shop vac. The only time you would need to add Anti-Freeze is if you were going to leave water in the pipes. Then you would have to add it to keep them from freezing – but this is not recommended.

Do you have to lower the water in a vinyl liner Inground pool ?

The only time that a pool needs to have the water lowered is if you have a gunite or cement pool with tile around the top, you know, at the water line. If you have tile, and you do not lower the water level, then if the water freezes, it can expand outwards and actually crack the tile. If you have a liner in the pool, then there is no need to lower the water level. When you use high powered compressors to blow all the water out of the pipes, and plug the return jets and the skimmers there is no need to lower the water. As long as you have the GIZZMOS, those big green plugs for the skimmers, you can keep the water at the regular level. The higher you can keep the water in the pool, the better it is for your pool cover and there will be much less of a chance of the cover falling in.

Should I vacuum the pool before I close it ?

Well, this is up to you. We do not recommend closing the pool if there is A LOT of debris in it.  Then you should vacuum it all out.  But a few leaves and bugs are OK.  Most people vacuum the pool right after they open it in the Spring. If we have a bad winter and part of your cover falls in the pool, you’ll just have to vacuum it again when you open it, so most people would rather just do it in the spring and only have to do it once.