Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon


Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon

What Is Your Passion? Let US help YOU accomplish your goal with one  of our NEW informative programs! Register today for next session starting October 5th. Winter: October  5th– November 16th

All Programs are Monday at 6pm, 7 week clinics for $50

Every clinic graduate with over 75% attendance receives a

$25 store gift card. (Pre-registration is required)

NEVER EVER Run Program

Want to start running? You have been walking but are interested in getting into the sport of running, then this program is for you! We would love to have you and introduce you to this fabulous sport.  This program is designed to have participants begin and implement a walk/run program.  This starts with running 1 min, walking 3 minutes.

First 5Km

Want to run your first 5km? Join us for this fun and informative 5 km training program.  This is a great way to get fit and stay active. This program is great for those who are currently active and want to begin running.  We start with running 2 minutes, walking 1 minute.

First 10km

Want to run your first 10 km? This program is for runners who are already acquainted with jog/run 6-minutes and walk 1 minute. You are currently running 5km and are looking to increase distance. This program will help keep you moving and motivated.

21k or Else

Want to run a a ½ marathon? You are currently running 10km using 6 minute run and 1 minute walk. This session will take you through new learning tools, running Hills, Fartleks, Intervals, etc.  This is a steady moderate paced group, focusing on mileage and safety while winter running. Be ready for Chilly Willy 21k race!!! This program is 11 weeks and ends December 14.  Cost is $75

Walk & Talk – Walking Program

For those who want to enjoy this wonderful exercise. Ideally suited for beginners.  This is an easy paced opportunity to begin a healthy new lifestyle or add a new activity to your existing ones.  This group is for everyone!  Get out and get active today.   Get out and join us for great cardio and low impact….not to mention fun!!  You deserve to be healthy and active!!

Learn how to Urban Pole

Session 1: Oct 5th and 19th

Session 2: Nov 16th and 23rd

Urban poles will be provided

6 pm – 7:30 pm

Wear comfy shoes & dress in layers.

Pre-registration is required

Why you’ll love Urban Poling…

Turns walking into a total body workout – great core workout – use 90% of your body’s muscles – burn 20 – 46% more calories – improve posture – improve balance & stability – great for paved trails & mountain treks.

780.513.1136, WWW.WALKRUN.CA.