Ask the Furnace and Duct Cleaning Expert – Clint Orr

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Ask the Furnace and Duct Cleaning Expert – Clint Orr

How can you prepare for a healthier, more energy-efficient winter?  Beat the fall and winter rush and take care of your furnace and HVAC ductwork this summer by giving it a thorough cleaning by one of our fully-trained professionals.  Proper maintenance of the air duct system is an easy, inexpensive step toward improved air quality and more efficient heating. (May we also remind you, for more efficient cooling as well – another great reason to get your ductwork cleaned now!)

Cleaning the ductwork is recommended at least every two years. There are, however, certain circumstances that warrant cleaning the ducts more frequently or urgently.

For example, if you see mold growing inside your ducts, it is essential to clean the system to help avoid allergies, asthma and other breathing problems.

Occasionally insects or pests will make their home inside your home’s ductwork. Have the pests removed promptly and the ductwork thoroughly cleaned.

We also highly recommend having your ductwork cleaned immediately following home remodelling as the fine drywall dust and other construction materials almost always end up in your HVAC system.

Finally, if you find that unpleasant odors, animal hair, or other contaminants are coming into the ambient air via your ductwork or a household member is suffering from an unexplained respiratory illness, duct cleaning may help eliminate these problems and certainly would be worth the try.

Beat the rush and take care of this task now, before winter’s cold sets in!

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