Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon


Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon

Selecting Good Shoes

The best running shoes are shoes that will be kind and gentle on your feet throughout any activity.  A vast number of people even today do not realize–or underestimate–the importance of investing in a good pair of running shoes.

Selecting a good pair of running shoes is affected by pronation. This term simply refers to the degree your foot rotates toward the inside when you run. There are three variations, One who has too much pronation (whose foot rotates inward too much when walking) and one who has insufficient pronation (whose foot does not rotate inward when walking), and the neutral foot (those that rotate in slightly).   The next item to consider is the fit, shape and movement of the shoe.  Most shoes come in a variety of widths; you want a shoe that holds your foot snugly without pinching or squeezing any part of it.  The shoe should follow the contour of your foot both outside and inside.  The arch inside the shoe should comfortably follow the arch of your foot without being too far forward, too far back, too high or too low.  Now you can consider how you walk or run in the shoe.  Does it move with you or does it feel awkward?  Is it too bulky or not cushioned enough?

This sounds difficult and complicated.  Really it’s not.  An experienced staff member at any good running shoe store can assist you by performing a gait assessment, measuring the length and width of your feet and by selecting 4 – 6 shoes that are most likely to meet your needs and feel awesome.  Your job is simply to try them on and select the one that feels best!