Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon


Ask the Personalized Shoe Fitting Expert – Lisa Lauzon

Walk, Run & More – Video Gait Analysis

First time in Northern Alberta at a shoe store!

Getting every person fit into the correct shoes is essential to avoid potential injuries. Can you see the difference?

The left photo is an example of someone who severely overpronates. Notice how much the ankles rotate inward? The right photo is the same person wearing a shoe specially designed to correct this issue. Can you see how upright the ankle now remains? Can you imagine what a difference this makes on the ankles, knees, hips and back?

At Walk, Run & More, we perform a video gait analysis on all our customers, which allows us to properly assess the type of shoe that was designed with just your needs in mind. Our job is to ensure you are able to exercise / work without damage to your body. It doesn’t have to hurt to exercise !

Video Gait Analysis and professional shoe fitting are no charge and appointments are not necessary.

It’s just part of the experience at Walk, Run & More.