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Why you should hire a pro to finish your basement.

Everyone’s looking to save a buck or two when it comes to home improvements, but when it involves finishing your basement, saving money in favor of some DIY techniques might not be the best idea.

“When I go to a job where a homeowner is debating hiring me or finishing it themselves, I tell them I”ve never met anyone who’s working on it just nights and weekends, and finished it a timely manner,” says Shaw Chartrand, project manager at Jays Installations & Carpentry. I’ve done a lot of jobs where the homeowner will say “ I can run my own trim, I can paint, I can do my own tile,” and I’ll let them take over. Every single one unfortunately turns out horribly.

Potential downsides of DIY basement finishing.

Cosmetic reasons aside, there’s potential for homeowners to make some serious mistakes if they try to go at it alone. First of all, most people don’t pull permits. There are a lot of regulations and codes that need to be met, and homeowners are usually not aware of them.

Specific codes will vary by municipality or city, but most likely, one such item is making sure any lumber that touches the floor is treated to prevent decay. Another is creating a proper vapor barrier instead of framing directly against the exterior wall. That will lead to mold issues if not done correctly.

Not building floating walls, which allow the concrete floor to heave without harming anything, is a mistake that can cause major structural damage to the house. Other errors include not allowing proper ventilation for the furnace, affecting the furnace efficiency.

And for those homeowners who think they can save money by acting as the general contractor and hiring subcontractors for the electrical and plumbing could be a great challenge.  Its taken years of weeding out contractors who don’t show up on time, or don’t have reputable crews. Part of hiring JIC is getting that  experience, you don’t have to go through that process of making mistakes.

Protect your investment

Safety is paramount, and hiring a highly sought after contractor like Jays Installations &Carpentry  to remodel your basement will help ensure that the job is done to code. We say the average length of time for us to finish a job is six to eight weeks, a bit longer if there is any custom work, but still much shorter than the more than usual two years it takes for homeowners to complete the task.

It’s a big investment. When you hire a professional that specializes in basement finishing, you can be assured of quality, time of completion, and value. You also get a warranty on the work that’s well above the industry standard on material and workmanship.  Make sure your money is safe and secure and able to be completely recouped at the time of sale. A reputable company like Jays Installations & Carpentry provide this warranty, security, and protects your investment