Ask the Furniture Expert – Ray Delaney


Wood Furniture Construction & Finishes

Our staff at Midwest on Main are fully versed in all wood furniture products and would be happy to demonstrate different construction methods. There are ways to point out, ways to differentiate and analyze the pros and cons of the various wood types available. Master wood construction methods listed here from least to most expensive.

  1. Malomine Finish: Semi gloss finish, not unlike a thick wallpaper and usually applied by wrapping and gluing over furniture grade particle board. Furniture grade particle board is way less porous than most particle boards.
  1. Faux Marble (False Marble): Usually applied to top surfaces and mimics natural granite but is man-made of polymere resins. It is easy to clean but does scratch easily.
  1. Veneers: A thin layer of any solid hardwood or in some cases, pine which is glued to furniture grade particle board. This product will not warp or crack but is hard to refinish as the thin layer of hardwood can only be lightly sanded. You do get the look of solid wood without the higher price point.
  1. Veneers combined with solid hardwoods or solid pine or beechwood: Same as #3 but the product is trimmed in solid woods and sometimes also utilizing solid woods on tops or door fronts etc.
  1. Solid Wood Furniture: Different widths of solid woods are glued together (known as laminating). This is very labour intensive but you get the look of heirloom furniture, that can be passed to the next generation. This product can be sanded down and refurbished, and is much stronger than furniture grade particle board.